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E9 & E7 Visa Loan

If you are a E9 or E7 visa holder, you can apply for a loan up to 10mil from GME Finance under following conditions,

1. Should have an existing valid work contract
2. Should be stay in Korea

Special facilities given to E9, E7 holders

1. Possibility of applying for loan for upcoming 1 year & 10 months visa.
2. Loan before & after vacation

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F6 Marriage Visa Loan

GME Finance is ready to provide a loan up to 10mil KRW to F6 (migrant marriage visa holders)
If you can submit following additional documents,
1. Alien registration certificate ( 외국인 사실증명서)
2. Family relationship certificate (가족 관계증명서)

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F2. F5 Long term visa holder loan

Foreigners who are planning to stay in Korea a longer time, GME Finance is ready to provide a higher amount with longer loan duration to all long-time foreign residents in Korea.

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F2-R Family Loan

With the purpose of spreading the population inside Korea & open up new industrial complex in rural areas of the country, F2 – R is the latest visa type introduced by the Korean government.

If you & your spouse are holding F2-R & F21 – R visa, this is a big opportunity to apply up to 20 mil as a family loan from GME Finance.

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Small Business Loan

Get loan up to 10 mil if you are a small business owner in Korea.


1. Should operate the business more than 1 year
2. Proper business place to operate your business.
3. Business should be under borrower name If you are fulfilling all above loan requirements,
we GME Finance is welcoming you.

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Vacation Loan

If you plan to go on a vacation or finish your vacation in your home country & returned to Korea, you can apply for a vacation loan from GME Finance. You just need to submit a 2-way air ticket as an additional document to apply for the loan.

Although you don’t have the salary after coming back to Korea, GME Finance can provide it without any hassle.

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Newcomer loan

Are you in trouble to send big money to home country to settle the debt in home country just after coming Korea?

Don’t worry. GME Finance can provide a loan up to 10 mil before receiving your first salary.

You just need to submit standard labor contract in addition to other basic documents.

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